Low requirements

Download games for PC of Low requirements totally free, uploaded to servers like Uploader, Mega, Googledrive and Torrent.

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Download Good Company
Good Company
[Update 1.0.12]

Download Necropolis
[Update 5, Version 1.1]

Download Skul The Hero Slayer
Skul The Hero Slayer
[Update 1.6.0]

Download Lost Sphear
Lost Sphear
+[Update 1]

Download The Pinball Arcade
The Pinball Arcade
[Update 1.71.28; 100 Tables] +[Update 1.71.33]

Download Brink Complete Pack
Brink Complete Pack

Download Minecraft
[Update 1.19.1]

Download Train Valley 2
Train Valley 2
[Build 11.05.2022]

Download Enter the Gungeon
Enter the Gungeon
[Update 2.1.3]

Download Imagine Earth
Imagine Earth
[Update 1.5.3]

Download Singularity

Download Virginia
[Update 1.02]

Download Into the Breach
Into the Breach
[Update 1.2.75]

Download Samurai Warriors 5 Deluxe Edition
Samurai Warriors 5 Deluxe Edition
[Reuploaded] +[Update]

Download Opus Magnum
Opus Magnum
[Build 17.01.2022][Reuploaded]

Download Obduction

Download Big Farm Story
Big Farm Story
[Update 1.12.15470]

Download Unity of Command II
Unity of Command II
[Build 12.07.2022]